Learners’ Academy was established in June 1983 with only Pre-Primary and Primary sections. Today, we have classes up to Std. X (I.C.S.E.). We have grown with our children to give you, our parents, a school-house where learning begins and from where emerge the citizens of tomorrow. Value education and skill development are integrated into the entire school programme.

Celebrations of all festivals promote communal harmony and to foster this, special efforts are made to explain the significance of these festivals, thus, being able to promote understanding, tolerance and peaceful existence for the future citizens of a progressive India.

The School caters to the following…

  • Provides for children with special needs.
  • Has a well-qualified and trained faculty and support staff.
  • Entertains parents’ views and encourages their involvement in the School, including attendance at P.T.A. meetings and other school functions.
  • Develops and evaluates new technologies.

Learners’ provides a learning environment that is rich, absorbing and stimulating. The focus of this school is in expecting a great deal from each student and getting them to understand that they can deal with any situation they encounter.


The concept of making learning child’s play emerged to give birth to an institution dedicated to the Learner. Learners’ Academy is concerned with the idea of moulding the children of today thus producing extra-ordinary individuals of tomorrow. At Learners’ the child is not ‘One of them’ but is ‘special amongst many others’. Learning is directed towards making it palatable and digestible. With the extensive use of diversified methodologies and teaching expertise, ‘Learners’ Academy’ is all set to making learning a thing of joy and teaching a dedication to achieve set goals.

The aim is formative and not merely informative. Learners’ stresses on the total growth of the child’s character and personality through compassionas the child grows in competence. The Academy endeavours to lead the child on the road to self-fulfillment and service.

Hence, our motto,‘Life is Learning’.

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